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Posted on Feb 21st, 2018

The Macomb Department of Road will be sending a cold-patch crew out to fix the potholes on Rivergate Drive that have popped up due to the extreme temperature changes.

Rivergate Drive is a county owned road. This means that the county is responsible for the repair of the road. Cold patch is just a band-aid. Unfortunately, a complete repaving of the road is not on their high priority list. With your help, maybe it can be. Please take a moment to lodge a complaint and request that Rivergate Drive be repaved. Together maybe we can make a difference. Thank you for your help!

Link to form: http://roads.macombgov.org/Roads-Home-Request

Annual Dues Payment
Posted on Feb 14th, 2018
Reminder! The 2018 HOA dues payment was due on January 31st. If you have not yet paid, please mail your payment to:
Rivergate Homeowner's Association
PO Box 46113
Mt. Clemens MI 48046
A $10 late fee will be assessed after 2/28/18.
Questions? Send emails to: twonebmic@comcast.net
Thank you!
Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade
Posted on Jan 21st, 2018
DTE is upgrading the electrical infrastructure within the subdivision to address outages and prepare for future demands. It's occurring on many of the streets throughout Rivergate. All we know at this point, is that the project is expected to continue through spring, and a special crew is supposed to clean/repair everything when they're done.
The HOA has not received any information regarding which streets, timeline, or anything else. If you have any questions, we recommend contacting either DTE at 800-477-4747 or the Clinton Township Building Department at 586-286-9323 or Kaltz Excavating at 248-335-1717.
2018 Dues Invoice - Address Issue
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2018
A printing issue has resulted in the tear-off portion of the 2018 Dues Invoice not matching the homeowner's address that it was mailed to. We believe this has only affected a very small number of residents. Please cross off the incorrect address on the tear-off portion of your invoice and write in the correct address. If you need further assistance or have additional questions, please send an email to: twonebmic@comcast.net. Thank you.

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