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Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
Posted on Mar 21st, 2016
1. Advertise! We’ll help with that, but don’t forget social media. Post a few teaser shots of some of your best items on Facebook or Instagram. You may even sell a few things before the sale even begins!
2. Place large items in front. You’ve got 3 seconds to either get noticed or get passed by. Make it count by displaying your good stuff out front.
3. FREE STUFF! If you have items to donate, then just put them out with a FREE sign. People will be tempted to stop and check out the pile and then stay to look at your other items.
4. Invite a Friend. The more stuff you have out the more successful you’ll be. Invite a friend to sell some of their things and really make your garage sale look full.
5. Price to Sell! If you want big bucks for something then put it on Craigslist, otherwise make sure it’s priced low enough that it will go.
6. Price Tags — Label everything clearly.
7. Organize. Stage it like a store – housewares, toys, books, etc. Keep everything clean and tidy, too.
8. Bag it! Use gallon size clear bags to contain sets and keep items with multiple pieces together like puzzles and games.
9. Change it up! Make sure you have plenty of singles and coins for making change and keep it in a safe spot.
10. Lemonade for Sale - got a little entrepreneur in the house? Selling cookies, juice boxes, or bottles of water will teach kids great skills while earning money, too.

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Annual Rivergate Garage Sale
Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th
The Annual Rivergate Garage Sale takes place the first weekend of June every year.

Rivergate Garage Sale signs will be put out on Wednesday, June 1 and maps of the sub will be located in several spots on Rivergate Drive. We will advertise in the Free Press, Grosse Pointe News, Macomb Daily, and on Craigslist. Feel free to put your own advertisement on your personal Facebook page.

Thursday, June 2 - 4:00 - 8:00 pm (Rivergate Residents ONLY Pre-Sale)
Friday, June 3 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday, June 4 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday, June 5 - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Bring any items you do not want to put back in your home to the parking lot of Cherokee Elementary. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) will have a truck from 12-2 pm on Sunday, June 5th. Bags only. No furniture.
Furniture or other items can be taken to the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 130 Groesbeck (just north of Cass).
Rivergate HOA Annual Meeting
Tuesday, June 7th, 7:00 pm at Cherokee Elementary
Meet the Board and find out what's happening in the sub. More information will be posted as it becomes available.
Neighborhood Summer Movie Night
Thursday, June 23rd to Friday, June 24th, 7:30 pm at Cherokee Elementary
Attention Rivergate residents young and young at heart: Please join us June 23rd for our first ever Neighborhood Summer Movie Night!
Festivities begin at 7:30 pm and include music, ice cream, face painting and yard games like ladderball, horseshoes and cornhole will be set up for you to enjoy. Movie time is set for 9:00 pm and will be displayed on an extra large outdoor projector screen in the grassy meadow behind Cherokee, so bring a picnic blanket or lounge chair to relax on and enjoy the show.  
The movie will be rated PG and will be announced in our spring flyer and also on our subdivision marquee signs a few weeks before the event. This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, so come on out and join us! (Plus, who doesn't love ice cream on a hot summer night?) See you then! 
Family Friendly Event - No alcohol allowed.

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