Roads Special Assessment
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Proxy Form
Dear Rivergate Subdivision Property Owners,
As you know, many of the roads within our subdivision are crumbling and falling apart. Following an extensive evaluation period by our Roads Committee Department, which included meeting with assessors and engineers from Clinton Township, the Macomb Department of Roads (MCDR), as well as private contractors, the Board of Directors has concluded that it is in the best interest of our residents to take on the responsibility for many of these roads ourselves.
While we have been fortunate to have Rivergate Drive (south of Dunham) repaved by the county, additional areas will NOT be repaved. The MCDR will only cold patch as needed. This will not be enough. Broken-down roads will dramatically impact our home values. We have developed a plan to collectively share the cost amongst our 1,050 residents and hire private contractors to address over 30 different areas within the subdivision that require repair.
A special assessment for road repairs will be imposed upon each property owner for the next four years to meet the anticipated expense. The per-property cost is $250 per year for a total of $1,000 in addition to the annual dues of $85.
A formal presentation of the Roads Special Assessment will be presented on Tuesday, October 3rd at 7 pm at Chippewa Valley High School in the auditorium. Voting for the Roads Special Assessment will take place immediately after the presentation and you must be present to vote or designate a proxy. 
As per our by-laws, only one vote per property will be accepted. Two-thirds of the votes received must be in favor of the special assessment for it to pass. You must be up to date on your dues and a valid driver’s license is required to vote.
We believe that by sharing the cost amongst our homeowners and making the much-needed repairs will improve our property values and ensure that Rivergate remains one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Clinton Township.
Board of Directors
Rivergate Subdivision Homeowners' Association