Safety First
Posted on Nov 1st, 2016

Lights on! Please remember to put your garage and porch lights on every night for added security. Save time and money by purchasing timers or dusk-to-dawn light sensors.
Lock up! We have had reports of thefts from unlocked parked cars. Please remove valuables and be sure to lock your vehicles. Call the Clinton Township Police if you see any suspicious activity.
Slow down! Speed is an ongoing issue. We regularly receive complaints from residents about motorists exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. We have a very active community of bikers, runners, walkers, and kids playing year round. PLEASE watch your speed for the safety of the entire Rivergate community.
Make yourself visible! Cyclists and runners, please wear reflective gear or use a blinking bike light, so that you are easily seen during the early morning or evening hours.