Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
Posted on Mar 21st, 2016

1. Advertise! We’ll help with that, but don’t forget social media. Post a few teaser shots of some of your best items on Facebook or Instagram. You may even sell a few things before the sale even begins!
2. Place large items in front. You’ve got 3 seconds to either get noticed or get passed by. Make it count by displaying your good stuff out front.
3. FREE STUFF! If you have items to donate, then just put them out with a FREE sign. People will be tempted to stop and check out the pile and then stay to look at your other items.
4. Invite a Friend. The more stuff you have out the more successful you’ll be. Invite a friend to sell some of their things and really make your garage sale look full.
5. Price to Sell! If you want big bucks for something then put it on Craigslist, otherwise make sure it’s priced low enough that it will go.
6. Price Tags — Label everything clearly.
7. Organize. Stage it like a store – housewares, toys, books, etc. Keep everything clean and tidy, too.
8. Bag it! Use gallon size clear bags to contain sets and keep items with multiple pieces together like puzzles and games.
9. Change it up! Make sure you have plenty of singles and coins for making change and keep it in a safe spot.
10. Lemonade for Sale - got a little entrepreneur in the house? Selling cookies, juice boxes, or bottles of water will teach kids great skills while earning money, too.