Board of Directors
Gerry Miller - President
Gerry Miller has lived in Rivergate since 1997 with his wife Merri, and he has three daughters, Hillary, Hannah, and Olivia. Gerry is a realtor and is responsible for listing and selling many homes in Rivergate. You have probably noticed his signs as you drive through the sub!

Gerry currently serves as President. He has been on the board since 1999 and has worked on such committees as Social, Maintenance, and Welcoming. He is responsible for organizing such neighborhood events as our beloved (and always successful) Halloween parade. From organizing the clowns, donuts, drinks, fire department, and marching band, Gerry has helped to make it a successful parade.

Gerry’s favorite event, however, is the annual golf outing. In fact, Gerry and Mark Prisby organized the first golf outing back in 1999. It was such a success that it has become an annual event ever since. The golf outing has grown in number each year, with approximately 50 people getting together in August to tee off and enjoy prizes and a great steak dinner afterward.

Ronald Laszczak - Vice President and Social
Ron and his family started to plant their family roots in Rivergate in 2015. He and his wife have three children. Ron is a prosecuting attorney for Macomb County and co-owner of Meadows Realty Group. He and his family enjoy family, friends, and traveling. Ron has been on the board since 2017 and serves as Vice President. He is also responsible for putting on the fall family events.

Linda Bracket - Treasurer
Linda and her husband, Mike, have lived in Rivergate for more than 20 years. Mike served on the Rivergate HOA Board for many years, and Linda has been serving as treasurer since 2012. A retired military family, Linda, Mike, and their daughter Megan were stationed in various locations across the county. Linda is responsible for all of the accounting aspects involved in our subdivision including processing the dues, paying bills, applying liens, as well as a number of other responsibilities on our board.

Alison Bowden, Secretary and Community Relations
Alison and her husband J.T. moved to Rivergate in December 2013 with their two children.  Their daughter, Rosie, attends Grand Valley University, and their son, William, is in high school. Alison joined the board in 2014 and handles community relations.  Alison is also a family law attorney with Bowden Law in Mt. Clemens. She loves golfing, traveling, and living in Rivergate!

Cara Cherry - Communications

Cara moved into Rivergate in 2010 with her husband Michael and their two children. Their oldest daughter, Caitlin, is a student at Michigan State University and their son, Colin, attends Wyandot Middle School. Cara works for a Digital Marketing agency providing marketing, social media, and PR services for a number of different clients. Cara joined the Rivergate HOA Board in 2013 and maintains the website and Facebook page, creates and publishes the spring and fall newsletters, and responds to all online communications and emails.

Marty Kaulfuss- Snow
Marty works at Ralph C. Wilson Agency and is considered a “Super Agent”. He is responsible for the development of new businesses as well as consulting, supervising, and providing insurance solutions to clients. Marty and his wife, Bonnie, have lived in Rivergate for more than 20 years. Together they raised three sons here. Marty is an avid golfer and always participates in the Rivergate Annual Golf Outing. Marty has been on the board since 2014 and serves as the snow director. 

Lindsay Wingett - Block Captains
Lindsay and her husband Rhett have lived in Rivergate since March 2010. They have two young daughters. Lindsay has been on the board since 2014 and manages our block captains. She graduated from Central Michigan University, and following her love of photography and event planning started her own business, Parties & Poses, in 2016. Rhett is an engineer and they both love to be involved in the community and contribute their time and ideas to making Rivergate a fun and safe place to live. They like to travel and share new and exciting experiences with their daughters, but are always so happy to come home to Rivergate and our friendly neighbors!

Nicholas Moses - Maintenance Committee
Nicholas and his wife, Trina, have lived in the neighborhood since 2018. He is a 28-year retired Army soldier. In his spare time, he likes to ride motorcycles and travel. Rain, sleet, snow, or the gloom of night, you can routinely catch him walking his dog Jackson every day. Nicholas joined the Rivergate HOA board in 2021. As a member of the maintenance committee, he is responsible for keeping the front entrance, nature trail, and all common areas in tip-top shape.

Dan Holland, Welcoming
Dan and his wife, Cherie, moved into Rivergate in 2011 with their two children, Ethan and Brady. Dan joined the board in 2021 and is responsible for welcoming new residents and their families to Rivergate. In his free time, Dan enjoys camping, hunting, bowling, and coaching his son’s baseball teams.
Gary  Butynski, Roads
Gary joined the board in 2022 to establish the new road improvement committee. Gary's career within the automotive sector focused on design, engineering, manufacturing, program management, and sales totaling 50 years of experience. He and his wife Barbara are both retired but have pursued other ventures to stay busy.  Gary started a property maintenance/refurbishing business while Barbara works part-time at a local market.  In the early days of Rivergate, Gary built his house which they are still enjoying since 1987. Two daughters were raised in the community while two grandsons have been added to the family. Golf and traveling are enjoyed in any spare time.