Snow Removal Policy
The Rivergate HOA Board of Directors has hired Todaro Lawn Maintenance Co. to plow our streets for the winter of 2022/2023.
The Board of Directors has been working with Todaro to determine the best course of action for snow removal for our community. The Board works very hard and makes every effort to ensure the roads within our neighborhood are safe and passable, without incurring excessive costs to homeowners. We are very much aware that not everyone will be happy with the way the snow is moved, but we must look out for the interests of the entire subdivision.
  1. Homeowners are responsible for their own snow removal
    • As a homeowner, you are responsible for removing snow and ice from any part of the sidewalk bordering and within your property’s lot line within 24 hours following the conclusion of the snow.
    • Do not shovel or blow snow into the street at any time. This is a violation of the Clinton Township ordinance and is a misdemeanor. Violators will be prosecuted.
    • If mailboxes are blocked, the mailman will not deliver mail. If the fire hydrants are blocked, fire trucks will not be able to quickly access them if your house is on fire. Residents who share a mailbox or fire hydrant should work together to keep them cleared of snow.
    • You may personally remove the snow from your driveway and sidewalks, or hire an independent contractor. A list of contacts is available on the Snow Shovelers page.
  1. Snow Removal from the streets and common areas
    • Clinton Township ordinance states that homeowners not park in the street when forecasters are calling for more than 2 inches of snow. In the event of a snow emergency, vehicles that are not removed will be ticketed.
    • The contractor will plow within a reasonable time after the accumulation reaches a minimum of 2 inches, but not before the snow ceases to fall.
    • The plow contractor will plow streets curb-to-curb, but only if all parked vehicles are removed from the street before the snowplow arrives.
    • The snow contractor will do his best to place snow in appropriate locations, and avoid pushing snow onto homeowner’s property, sidewalks, or driveway access, but depending on how much snow is received, this can be difficult. The contractor will use his best judgment to determine where to pile the snow and to ensure street safety when we have a very heavy snow fall.
    • Snow depths in excess of 6 inches will take much longer to clear. The contractor may try to clear each street enough to make it passable then return later to complete the plowing.
    • Salt is only applied to high traffic intersections. We do not have the monetary resources to salt the entire sub. The decision to drop salt is based on the determination of the Board of Directors. Please note that salt is ineffective when the temperature is below 20 degrees.
    • Heavy snow can damage mailboxes. The plow drivers will do their best to avoid pushing snow on mailboxes, which means they may not always be able to plow curb-to-curb.
    • Plowing on Monday mornings after a snowfall may be affected by the Clinton Township recycling and trash bins placed in the street. Consequently, plowing may be delayed until homeowners are able to remove their bins. Please check the Clinton Township website for weather related garbage delay notices before putting your bins in the street.
    • Property damage: If your mailbox is damaged or landscaping affected, please submit a claim within 48 hours via the Contact Us page under Snow Issues/Complaints. A claim log will be maintained and Todora will be responsible for fixing all issues in the spring.
If you have any issues or complaints regarding snow removal after a snowfall, please visit the Contact Us page and choose the Snow Issues/Complaints option. Please note all emails are sent directly to the Snow Contractor and the Rivergate HOA Snow Director.
We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.
Thank you,
Rivergate Subdivision HOA Board of Directors