Dues Payments
The dues amount for 2024 is $85 (plus a $3.50 service fee for online payments) and is due on or before 1/31/2024.
Payments must be made by 1/31/2024 to avoid a late fee. Payments made after that will incur a $10 late fee (plus a $3.50 service fee for online payments).
Mailing Address:
Rivergate Homeowner's Association
PO Box 46113
Mt. Clemens MI 48046
  • If you have not received your invoice and are mailing your payment, you may download a blank form from below or include a note with your payment stating the homeowner's name and Rivergate address, and write "2024 Rivergate HOA Dues" in the memo section of your check.
  • Online payments will be confirmed through PayPal only. We do not issue separate receipts.

2024 Rivergate Associate Dues - $ 95.00
Annual Dues               $50
Snow Removal            $35
Late Fee                       $10
Total                             $95
* Additional Late Fee (automatically charged starting on 2/1/2024) $10
** Online payments will automatically be charged a $3.50 processing fee.
  • Your PayPal "SHIP TO" address must match your Rivergate address. If it does not, your 2024 payment may not be credited correctly.
  • Invoice Number: Your invoice number is 24-home address number. For example: 12345 Rivergate Dr. equals an invoice number of 24-12345.
  • The correct invoice number is required for proper credit. If it doesn't work, please retry and include your street name (ex. 24-12345Rivergate).

Dues Statement Invoice # Required